Monday, July 9, 2012

Oregon's Jesse Thomas Comes Up 23 Seconds Short at Rev3 Portland - and Other Tri and Running Links

Richie Cunningham Edges Out Jesse Thomas at Rev3 Portland - Angela Naeth wins the women's race

How to put in proper speed work over the summer - and run your fastest races this Fall

Lance Armstrong fights back against USADA - I'm so tired of drugged athletes, yet I'm also tired of the fight against long-since retired athletes

Can a sip of Gatorade help you in a 10k...or even a 5k? - amazingly, it looks like the answer is "probably"

Wetsuit reviews to check out before your next tri - I'd recommend getting the cheap wetsuit and spending the rest on swim coaching

How to run on the beach, correctly - just in time for your Summer vacation

Some pro tips on how to swim faster - it's the tri leg that most people work on it

Where should the US Track and Field Olympic Trials be in 2016? - Not everyone loves Eugene

Profile on US Olympic Tri Team member Manny Huerta - only two guys on the US team this year

Is this the year the US comes back into its own in Olympic distance events? - there are some strong runners on the team this year

Another view of the US Track Team - I can't wait for the Olympics to get here!

And let's end it with triathletes in swimsuits - why not, right?

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