Monday, July 23, 2012

Kara Goucher in London - Running and Triathlon Links Monday!

As always, lots of news out there in the running and tri world. Read, learn, race - let's go.

Interview with Kara Goucher - the Oregon marathon superstar gets ready for London

Lake Placid Ironman results and recap - Andy Potts rolls yet again

Olympics Viewer's Guide
- check out running previews from former Olympians

Photo Gallery from the last Tour de France TT - yep, bike porn...if you're into that kind of thing

Will the Olympic Marathon be hot? - history, and the crazy start time, say "yes"

A very interesting chat with four-time Olympian Hunter Kemper - he's as fast as ever...maybe this is the year for a medal

Rock n' Roll Chicago Half Marathon recap and results - two Olympian marathoners, the non-U.S. variety, take the wins

How to keep your speed while training for a marathon - I need to read this one closely

How much should you drink during your next run - it matters less than you might think

School boards banning Five Fingers shoes? - sure, why not?

Should you run at 180 steps per minute? - once again, it's probably not as important as people make it out to be

Interview with Chris Lieto - it's a little dated, but still a good read

Bradley Wiggins wins 2012 Tour de France - pretty damn easily, I might add

Ironman Hawaii pro starting spots to be handed out in a week - and here are the current standings!

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