Monday, July 2, 2012

Running and Triathlon Links Monday!

Coffee before your big race? - Yep, but time it right

Ironman stud Craig Alexander says you need to run slowly - Not always, but definitely once in a while

Do knee braces actually help your sore knees? - I'd say the question is usually: physically or mentally?

Kilian Jornet breaks more records
- If it's on a mountain, Jornet is the man

Linsey Corbin wins another Ironman - The girl from Montana is really showing her stuff lately

If you're a runner, here's what you should be eating - hint: it's not 7-Eleven corn dogs and Slurpees

Liz Blatchford narrowly misses making the British Olympic Tri Team once again - and thinks maybe it's time to try something new

Can Galen Rupp bring home some metal from London? - It's possible, but the competition will be at a whole different level from the Trials

Some French steeplechase dork takes out frustrations on mascot...after he won! - can you say "d-bag"?

Healthy habits of Triathletes - Again, corn dogs are a no-no

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