Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher Movie Trailer - I Feel Sick to My Stomach

Yes, we've talked about this before...but now there's a movie trailer. And now...I want to see it even less than before. Holy smokes, just look at the scene where Cruise is surrounded by a bunch of thugs. He's the shortest guy there! That's not Reacher! Reacher's never been the shortest guy anywhere!

And then there's the car. I mean, what? Book after book, Reacher is shown as a drifter with no car. Even in "prequel" books taking place in Reacher's army days, he didn't like to drive, and was never shown driving anything but army vehicles.

I was actually contemplating giving Reacher the Movie a try, but not now. Not after seeing this trainwreck of a movie trailer.

Sigh...time to reread another Reacher novel and pretend I never saw this.

Lee Child!!! (((shakes fist)))

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