Monday, September 24, 2012

Max King Wins at XTERRA Championships and 50K Trails Championships - And Other Links

Oregon running god Max King rolls to win at USA 50k Trail Championships - But wait! On the same weekend, Max also...

Our guy Max King also wins the XTERRA Trail Run National Championship - for the fifth straight freaking time

Still a few spots open for the Boston Marathon - got a marathon this weekend?

A photo gallery from the XTERRA USA Triathlon Championships - no, Max King didn't win the tri race...but only because he didn't enter

Andy Potts and Jenny Fletcher win Branson Ironman 70.3 - Andy's my boy; he's a swimmer at heart

Finish your races strong - or follow my plan: start too fast and die a miserable death

Jordan Rapp and Christine Anderson win Leadman 250 in Bend, OR - they moved the race from Las Vegas

Some Tri Bike Porn for the ladies out there - it's Michellie Jones' custom pink Felt (that sounds dirtier than it really is...)

Review of running water bottles and other hydration systems - I love my basic, old Amphipod.

And here are some photos of the Leadman race in Bend - looks like a pretty bike ride

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