Sunday, September 16, 2012

Marathon Training - Week One

And just like that, we're through Week One of my marathon training plan as I prepare for the California International Marathon on December 2nd. Only a 12-week plan this time around.

Finished off the week with 13 mile run today, giving me a total of 40 for the week. The Pete Pfitzinger plan that I'm following, and slightly modifying, had me running 13 miles with 8 miles at my marathon goal pace. Well, frankly I don't think I'm in good enough shape right now to run 8 consecutive miles at goal pace during a 13 mile run. So I figured I'd try to alternate goal pace miles (7:50, by the way) with recovery miles.

It worked out pretty well. I was well under pace on five out of the six fast miles. And a couple of them were on tough terrain, especially mile four when I was going through the trails at Avery Park. Maybe a little slow on a few of the recovery miles, but the 1:52:50 total for 13.25 wasn't too bad, so I'm good with it.

Week Two starts tomorrow. Tally Ho!

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