Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New RaceCenter NW Article Hits the Stands - Cross Country and Cyclocross

It's true, I've got another faboo new article out in the latest issue of RaceCenter NW - at a Jamba Juice near you!

Or if you're lazy as dirt, just head over to the RaceCenter Digital Edition and you'll be able to keep your ass firmly planted in your couch. You're welcome.

So let's see if there's anything worth looking at, besides the article from the R's Writing Factory of course:

-Well, the cover is cool. I'm excited about finally getting back out there for a trail race in a couple weeks, at the Condor 25k, and this cover picture gets me thinking about running on that lovely, soft dirt.

-After a bunch of pretty, full-page ads, we get Brook Gardner's Editorial on page 12. Brook makes some good points about the minimalist movement and not following fads and getting a shoe that actually works for you. Or as I've said, more succinctly, many times, "get a real pair of shoes, for God's sake - those Five Fingers will just end up at the bottom of your closet."

-Some Race Briefs: Seattle Marathon (which I won't run until they get a new RD), Nike Cross Nationals coming to Portland, Stumptown XC coming up (I hope to make it to a race), tons o' Jingle Bell Runs, Jeff Browning showing them who's boss at the Wasatch 100, and Cyclocross news. All good stuff, all informative.

-An informative article on Fueling for Late-Day Energy, for those pesky evening races.

-My homeboy Max King talking about getting your Mental Schwerve on. (I know this is a family blog and all, but does anyone else read Max King and have your brain instantly translate it as "Max F*cking King"? Mine does. I mean, the guy is just incredible.)

-Chris Bagg, tri dude extraordinaire, talks about the bennies of Cyclocross.

-USATF Oregon Stuff.

-Jeff Browning talks about the race from the cover photo: the TransRockies Run.

-Some amazing writer with the amazing name of Scott Lommers writes an article about the amazing similarities between Cross Country Running and Cyclocross. And he titles the article "Criss Cross." Yes, I thought of that. Wow. Amazing.

-JD Downing talks about snow and sports and stuff. Not interested, thanks. Too cold.

-Somebody writes an article about Scott Sports. I assume it was Brook Gardner, but for some reason he didn't put a byline on it.

-Then a Shoe Guide. And hey! There's the Nike Pegasus 29. What do you know, I just reviewed that bad boy myself!

-Then the Event Calendar and we're done.

All in all, not a bad issue. Good stuff. Pick one up so you can be one of those smart people with all kinds of helpful fricking advice.

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