Monday, April 8, 2013

Half Marathon Training Plan - Week Nine

Well, this is the week. The Corvallis Half Marathon is on Sunday. My predictions for the race? Well...

-I looked at my running journal from last year and I'm about 10 pounds heavier than I was for the Corvallis Half in 2012. Not a great sign. I've been slowly losing weight after a tough winter healing my ankle, but the old body just doesn't shape up as quickly as it used to.

-Shoes! Argghhhh! Since Nike went and ruined the Pegasus, I just CANNOT find a shoe that I'm happy with. I've gone through a number of shoes and brands lately and can't seem to come up with something that makes my feet happy.

-Weather forecast for Sunday looks maybe OK, maybe damp. Shouldn't be too hot, for sure. Let's hope for clouds and no rain.

So...I don't have super-high expectations. But maybe that's good, really. I'll go into it not expecting a PR, I'll just run easy, and take it as it comes. There's always another race coming up soon, right?

Here's what I have to look forward to this week (with the proviso that on the last week before a longish race, I always try to judge how my body is feeling toward the end of the week and back off if needed - I want to feel fresh and not at all sore when lining up on the start line):




--1m warmup
--6 x .25m at 7:45 pace
--1m cool down


--3m at 7:50 pace


--1m warmup
--.25m at 7:45 pacs
--.25m at 7:45 pace
--.15m at 7:30 pace
--.15m at 7:30 pace
--1m cooldown




--3m easy


--Corvallis Half Marathon

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