Monday, April 1, 2013

Half Marathon Training Plan - Week Eight

Only two weeks until the Corvallis Half now. Last full week of workouts this week, then a slight taper next week heading into the race on Sunday morning.

Here's what I have to look forward to this week:




--1m warmup
--.75m at 7:30 pace
--.75m at 7:30 pace
--6 x .15m at 7:30 pace
--.75m at 7:30 pace
--.75m at 7:30 pace
--1m cool down


--1m warmup
--3m at 7:45 pace
--1m cooldown


--7m at 8:15 pace




--6m at 8:00 pace
--6 x 100m strides


--10m at 9:00 pace

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