Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oregon is crazy about their indoor triathlons...

I'm not sure why, but it was very difficult to find spring triathlons up in Washington, especially triathlons with an indoor swim. Not so in Oregon. In fact, you can barely go a week in Spring without hitting one! So find one, or two, now and sign up as soon as you can. It will give you a nice goal to work to, you'll have 8-10 weeks to get ready, and you'll be buffed and oiled when the longer triathlons come up in the summer. Hey, it's a plan! Triathlete Magazine charges you $3.95 for this kind of stuff.

April 4th - Beaver Freezer Sprint Tri in Corvallis
April 19th - Albany Sprint Tri
April 25th - WOU Sprint Tri in Monmouth
May 3rd - Hawthorne Farm Sprint Tri in Hillsboro
May 9th - Canby Gator Grinder Sprint Tri
May 16th - Lebanon Sprint Tri
May 25th - Heart of the Valley Sprint Tri in Corvallis

All seven of these are on different dates, so potentially you could do all of them. In fact, if anyone does at least five of them, let me know and I'll do an interview post of you, you and only you!

Thanks to the HOTV Tri and the Osbourne Aquatic Center for the photo of their sweet pool.

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