Monday, November 2, 2009

"It's On!" - "Get It Started!" - "Pump It Up!"

...and other vaguely inspirational slogans!

You see, I actually went for a run tonight. My first run in about three weeks. Man, I was just jonesing. I needed to get out there...or in there, as the case may be, since I just ran on the treadmill. No matter, I popped off a nice little run, didn't feel too bad overall, and my quad actually felt fine.

Life is good!

Let's Run! No, for real this time!


November 14th / Lifeforce Challenge 10k and 5k / Eugene, OR

November 14th / The Dirdy Birdy - Portland's Muddiest 5k / Portland, OR

November 14th / Turkey Trot 2 Mile Run / Enumclaw, WA

November 14th / Kevin's Cup 8k / West Linn, OR

November 14th / Fowl Fun Run 10k / Mt. Vernon, WA

November 14th / Columbia River Classic 10 mile and 2 mile runs / Richland, WA

November 14th / Snoqualmie Ridge Turkey Trot 5k / Snoqualmie, WA

November 15th / Fitness for Vitality 10k and 5k / Seattle, WA

No, the comic up there has absolutely nothing to do with running nor's just funny, dude! Please, do yourself a favor and head over to Natalie's and laugh a bit...and buy a shirt while you're at it, ya damn cheapskate! And yes...I do have a big head...

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