Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Time to post, Slackass...

Yeah, I know, but see it's like this...

I've been working! No, not work work, I mean writing. I've been trying to flog out a new RaceCenter article that's already like two weeks late!

But no fear, the R's is back.

Plus, I've brought three cool blogs with me in case you need some inspiring reading material. I've been chatting with three very cool NW athletes that have had to overcome some pretty nasty hardships. They'll all be profiled in the next article I have out for RaceCenter in about six weeks. Check them out:

Linday Kandra's blog about being the greatest bike rider in Oregon that's currently fighting breast cancer.

Aaron Simpson's blog about being faster than Hell at many distances.

Darren Smith's blog about being a stud Ironman racer that's giving cyclocross a go.

If I were half as much of a badass that these three are, I'd be pretty bad.

The guy in the photo, you ask? I have no idea. But if you do a Google Image Search for "slackass" he comes up on the first page. I'm guessing that's tough if he's looking for a job.

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