Friday, April 23, 2010

Coconut Water Ahoy!

Remember when I wrote about the up and coming drink that is coconut water? Sure you do. Well, tonight I took the plunge and bought a

And drank it.

And, well, there were mixed results.

First drink: I was too nervous to really taste it. I'm not exactly a "try new foods" type of guy. But it wasn't as horrible as I thought it might be, so...

Second drink: OK, I tasted it that time. Not bad. The kind I bought was flavored with a bit of passion fruit and it had a slight fruity taste. Mostly bland though. And a touch thick.

Third drink: Still bland. Boring. And thicker.

Fourth drink: It seems to be getting thicker every time I pour some into my mouth. It's a little goopy and nasty. I'm not really digging it at this point. I'm wondering if passion fruit juice with coconut water flavoring might be the way to go.

Fifth drink: It's definitely got the consistency of cough syrup, but with a slightly more disgusting taste.

Sixth drink: You'll have to ask the sink - it got the rest of the glass.

So, in total: Not the worst thing I've ever voluntarily put in my mouth, but just not very good. It's supposed to be great for you, so...maybe dump a bit into some real juice, where the flavor and thickness can be diluted and disguised?

I think I'll stick with Gatorade.


  1. I agree with the bland part! I didn't notice the thickness of it, but then again I only made it to the 2nd sip before giving up on it.

    I'll stick with the chocolate milk.

    Bottoms up!

  2. I would disagree, coconut water is too healthy a drink to pass up. Zico is from concentrate and not the best alternative, I would try Vita Coco for the best in all natural results.