Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nike...Don't Make Me Get Stern With You

So I headed to the Nike Outlet store last night 'cause the R's needs to shoe up before the Eugene Marathon...which is coming up scary-fast.

And lo, what do my eyes behold but Air Max Moto 7's...and 6's! See, I've been running in Motos for, well, since the Motos came out about seven years ago. And I've loved every pair. Well, until the Moto 7's. Not that they were bad, but they felt like they had a really low-profile heel. Which I don't want. I liked that the Motos had always had a bit of a slope from the heel to the forefoot. But the 7's felt flat. Sometimes it felt like my heel was in a pothole.

I thought I was just imagining it. I mean, would Nike drastically change a style on the seventh version?! Of course not!

Well, I tried on the Moto 6's and the Moto 7's side by side last night and...Nike drastically changed a style on the seventh version.

That's not good business. That makes me wonder about the 8's. Will they be back to normal...or was the Moto 7 the new normal?

Ah well, at least I was able to buy a new pair of Moto 6's last night. I'm good for another 4-6 months.

Man, there are so many races coming up, it's certifiably insane.

Let's race!


April 24th / Earth Day 10k and 5k / Tigard, OR

April 24th / Lynch Creek 5k / Eatonville, WA

April 24th / Eagle Run 10k and 5k / Oak Harbor, WA

April 24th / Santiam Lumberjack Scramble 10k and 5k / Mill City, OR

April 24th / Troop 1571 5k / Poulsbo, WA

April 24th / Dolphin Dash 5k / Port Orchard, WA

April 24th / Tom Wales Community Run 5k / Seattle, WA

April 24th / Sean's Run From Autism 10k and 5k / Portland, OR

April 24th / Fun with the Fuzz 5k / Bellingham, WA

April 24th / Cougar Community 5k / Vancouver, WA

April 25th / Fixit Fun'd Run 10k and 5k / Anacortes, WA

April 25th / Ice Breaker Road Race 5 mile, 3 mile, and 1 mile / Great Falls, MT

April 25th / Olivia Medici Memorial 10k and 5k / Beaverton, OR

April 25th / See Spot Run 5k / Yakima, WA

April 25th / Top Pot Doughnut Dash 5k / Seattle, WA

April 25th / Bainbridge Island Half-Marathon and 5k / Bainbridge Island, WA

April 25th / Clubsport Run for Haiti 10k / Tualatin, OR

April 25th / Boardwalk 5k / Seattle, WA

April 25th / Bellevue 5k / Bellevue, WA

April 25th / Mt. Rainier Long and Short Course Dualthon / Enumclaw, WA

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