Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Article on the Streets!

And it's all about your heart. No, not your toughness...your heart! To wit, is running, especially long distances like marathons, good for your health? Or as some studies seems to imply, is running going to freakin' kill ya?

Well, go pick up the new issue of RaceCenter magazine and I'll tell you. You see, I wrote this little article called "Heart Strong?" and while I sure as Hell don't get to the bottom of anything, I think I do make one or two points that are worth reading.

You say you don't give a rat's about your heart? Why I oughta come over there and kick your...

Fine, let's see what else is in the new issue.

An article about finding a coach. That's cool. I couldn't handle it, though. I'm not much of a listener.

What else? How about an interview with ultimate Ironman superstar Chrissie Wellington? That's right. What can you say about Chrissie? No one else even comes close. If she's talking, you better listen up.

And then one of those shoe guide dealies. Pretty pictures, I guess, but I never seem to actually read those.

So there you have it. Hurry up and go grab a copy already. Your heart isn't getting any younger, you know.

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