Monday, August 9, 2010

Jenn Shelton, Jenn Shelton, umm, Jenn Shelton

The R's has been getting a lot of hits lately...a lot of hits.

Where are all these hits coming from, you might ask? Actually, you don't even need to; I'm asking for you!

I'll tell ya where they're coming from: Jenn Shelton, that's who!

Well, not actually from her, but you know what I mean...

See, I did a little post after Jenn Shelton won the Pear Blossom a few months back...while decked out in a resplendent swimsuit-thing.

Now, I'd like to think you're coming here for the great running, writing and tri insights. But I'm not stupid.

I'd also like to think you're coming here for updated info on the latest superstar runners of the NW. Again, not that dumb.

I'd like to believe you're not coming to the R's to check out fully-toned women in inappropriate running gear that could run you up one side of the street and down the other.

But I know you are.

Hey, thanks to Scott Winterton of the Deseret News for the photo.

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