Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Invention of Hugo Cabret...a Must Read!

And a must see!

First, thanks to my brother, who presented The Invention of Hugo Cabret to my son a year ago for Christmas. The book is a wonder; a masterpiece concoction of writing and illustration.

I should have realized that it was ready-made for the transition to the big screen. Martin Scorsese, of all people, took his talents and applied them to this magnificent story and the result is easily the best film I've seen this year. And many critics agree.

The movie is powerful and touching. And the 3-D is fabulous - well worth the extra few dollars.

This is the movie you should be going to see with your entire family before the holidays are over. You won't regret it - and it just wouldn't be the same on the small TV screen at home.

Then, on your way home from the theater, with the glow of the movie still in you, don't forget to stop off and pick up the book.


  1. I heartily endorse your recommendation -- and suggest Brian Selznick's next book, Wonderstruck, for your family's reading pleasure. Wonderful!

  2. I was just reading about "Wonderstruck" on Amazon before I read your comment!

    It's definitely going on our list of books to own!

  3. i believe this book is an amazing book i have started to read the new book by Selznick and it's such a great book. Yet i am only eleven i can comprehend it