Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Toughest Ultra in the World?

If it's not the HURT 100, than I'm not sure what it is.

Since we're down to two, yes two, races in all of the Northwest this week, perhaps we should plan a road trip. Since it's winter, perhaps we should go to Hawaii. Since we're insane, perhaps we should run the HURT 100.

No, this isn't my heart rate after a speed workout, this is the elevation profile of the HURT 100.

Here's a more detailed version, but remember, this is only 20 miles. Then the course starts over. And you get to do it four more times!

The photo at the top is of awesome runner, triathlete, and blogger, Frayed Laces, otherwise known as FL, running the HURT 100 last year. Check out her account of the race here. Yes, she's a stud. So to speak.

I doubt that you can get in this year, as it looks to be sold out, but remember this for next year, when we're back in the doldrums of January. Instead of boring training runs through the rain and wind, you could be killing yourself in Hawaii!


Let's race!


January 14th / MLK Weekend Runs 15k, 10k and 5k / Seattle, WA

January 15th / Cascade Half Marathon and 10k / Turner, OR

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