Sunday, October 20, 2013

Last Hill Training Run Before McDonald Forest 15k

And did it go smoothly? No, no it did not.

It started out well enough. I stuck to my favorite hill this week while taking my last big hill training run before the McDonald Forest 15k. So I headed out the front door and ran to Bald Hill, which is only about 1.5 miles away from my home. My plan was to run up the front side of Bald Hill, down the back side, take a quick loop on the bike path, then take the same route but backwards on the way home.

And it was all good through the first half. I went up the hill, back down the back side and headed onto the paved bike path. Little tired going up the hill, but I was happy that my left knee, which had been hurting going downhill lately, was feeling good.

I headed back onto the dirt and gravel path past the old barn and toward the backside of Bald Hill. Even though I had sunglasses on, the late afternoon sun was right in my face and I was having trouble seeing in certain spots. Yeah, that's my excuse...

I never saw the tree root, but my foot found it easily enough. This was not a bumbling, stumbling, comedy fall. I went down like I got shot in the back. Unfortunately, my hands and knees barely got scratched up. Unfortunate because my chest and ribs took the brunt of the fall instead. Wow, that hurt.

But hey, it didn't hurt as bad then as it does today, the day after!

So I shuffled home, holding my side most of the way. And started to hit the Advil hard.

Today, I'm hurting. Deep breathing is not fun. Sudden movements are not fun. Today's planned run has been scratched. I'm just hoping I start feeling better soon. The Mac Forest 15k was going to be the first run Jen and I ran together for years! I don't want to be on the sidelines!

Updates soon.


  1. I have a story like that Scott, it involves a bicycle and the setting sun in my eyes... did not end well either. Hoping you recover quickly and get to do the run with Jen.

  2. I know, right? The sun...who needs it?! Of course, usually I don't have to worry about the sun in Oregon in mid-October, so maybe I just wasn't mentally prepared.