Friday, October 25, 2013

New RaceCenter NW Article - The Off Season

Sort of late on this announcement, but yes, there is a new RaceCenter NW issue out there and yes, I've got a new article in it.

Check out the digital online version right here.

Check out the old school, hard copy version at a Jamba Juice or running store near you.

I was actually very happy with the article this month: "Hit the Snooze Button: Using the Off-Season as a Time to Rest, Reflect and Refocus." You might think I'd always be happy with my articles, but you'd be wrong. I always try to write a good article, but some just come together better than others. I'm definitely not an easy critic on my own writing - some of my articles are weak. Why? Well...even for a short little 1500-word article, it's a complex process.

First, the topic. My editor, Brook Gardner, comes up with most of the article topics with a little input and adjustment from me. Then I'm on my own. Since I'm almost always writing about running or triathlon, most of the topics are very interesting to me, but once in a great while...meh.

Second, what has already been written about the topic. I want enough out there that I can get a little background, but not so much that everyone has already heard about it and is bored by yet another article on the subject.

Third, and this is a biggie, the people I can round up to interview. This can be tough. Sometimes you can't find anyone that really wants to talk to you. Sometimes you can find them, but they're just not a very good interview (and I'm sure as hell not a professional interviewer, so I'll take some of the blame here).

And then, of course, how much time I leave myself to actually write the article before my deadline. I can be a bit of a procrastinator.

But once in a while, it all comes together and I write something that I'm quite proud of. And this article is one of those.

Hope you enjoy.

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