Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The First Annual Ski to Sea Team Name Awards!

Yes, the 35th Annual Ski to Sea Race was held over the Memorial Day Weekend, and the usual teams took their usual first, second, and blah, blah, blah...what I'm interested in is the team names.

There's just something about the relay race that brings out the creativity in folks, and Ski to Sea always has some winners. Let's get right to the action:

-Almost Virgins and Better Lovers finished back to back...hmmmmm
-Not Fast Not Last was next-to-last (they actually didn't finish, but were listed next to last in the results)
-Team Doghair and Team Lintbrush did not finish back to back...but I wish they would have

I Don't Get It:
-49 and a Half Spots
-We're Not Your Mothers
-Last One With a Ring and a Kid Carries (carries what? the canoe, the diaper, the groceries? Help me out here)

Honorable mention:
-Well Hung Jury (they've been around awhile - a perennial favorite)
-Menaces to Sobriety
-I Am McLovin
-Yoda's Pants
-Lactic Acid Trip (they've been around a few years as well)
-Sub Prime

Third place:
-Kicked In The Nooksack (in case you've never been up North, the canoe leg of Ski to Sea goes down the Nooksack River)

Second place:
-A.A.R.P. of the Covenant

First place:
-Chuck Norris's Tears Cure Cancer

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