Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'm seeing rainbows...

I love watching triathlons on TV. Well, actually I love watching triathlons in person. Well, actually I love competing in triathlons in person. But I'm pretty slow. Probably not all that fun for others to watch. And frankly, you're most likely pretty slow too, not to cast judgement or anything. So I don't really want to watch me or you doing triathlons all that much. But elite, yes "pro", athletes are a different story. I love watching elite triathletes compete. But there's been exactly one elite race in Washington (Bellingham) in the past...well, ever, and there was one in B.C. a few weeks ago, but now you need a passport to get up there, and I don't have one, so basically I don't see elite triathlons in person.

Which brings me back to TV. I love watching triathlons on TV. The elite triathletes are awe-inspiring and amazing. Watching them never fails to get me fired up and ready to go do a workout myself to attain a level like 17% as good as the last place finisher in an elite event. So when I heard that the third and final qualifying race for the Olympic Triathlon Team was today, I went straight to the TV schedule to see when it was on. Well, I'm not a total idiot, I went to the TV schedule to see if it might be on, like a weird cable channel, maybe MSNBC, or the Food Network, or something. Of course, it wasn't. So I went online to see if I could find some results. After about 30 minutes of surfing, I found it at, under "more" then "olympic sports" then "more" then "other headlines". Of course, they were happy to tell me, on the front page, that Pacman Jones wants to be called Adam and not Pacman in the future, but of course that was important news, so clearly it needed to be front and center.

Yes, I'm fully prepared to stay up until two in the morning during the Olympics to catch the triathlon, since the 400 prime time hours will be spent on features of gymnasts and how they sacrificed their 7th grade end-of-year dance to make the team.


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