Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Something's Not Sitting Right...

I'll spare you the recipes for today...since I really need to get up another race calendar. Your lucky day, but tomorrow it's a quick and easy recipe for Clams Casino...Chef Recommends!


July 12th / Clackamas River Runoff Off-Road Duathlon, Triathlon and 15k and 8k trail runs / Estacada, OR

July 12th / Hagg Lake Triathlon and Duathlon / Forest Grove, OR

July 12th / Fairhaven Runners Chuckanut Footrace 7 mile / Bellingham, WA

July 12th / Run of the Mill 5k / Mill Creek, WA

July 12th / Run for Your Rights 5k / Bellingham, WA

July 12th / Smith Rock 15k and 5k Summer Sunrise Classic / Terrebonne, OR

July 12th / Clear Lake Sprint Triathlon / Clear Lake, WA

July 12th / Ocean Shores Big Weekend Half-Iron, Olympic and Sprint Triathlons / Ocean Shores, WA

July 12th / Let's Climb a Mountain 34.3 mile solo and relay / Spokane, WA

July 12th / Bill Burby Inspirational 10k and 5k / Vashon, WA

July 13th / Coburg Run in the Country Half-Marathon / Coburg, OR

July 13th / Vashon Island Off-Road Triathlon - an XTERRA race / Vashon, WA

July 13th / Nautilus FitJam Marathon Relay and 5k / Vancouver, WA

July 13th / Langley Half-Marathon / Langley, WA (Hey, it's Matt Simms' race, remember? Get over there and run it!)

July 13th / Battle Ground Milk Run 10 mile and 5 mile / Battle Ground, WA

July 13th / Ocean Shores Big Weekend Half-Marathon, 10k and 5k / Ocean Shores, WA

Thanks to the Seychelles Fish Bar for the menu image...they don't seem to have Clams Casino on there, but they do have Skate and Chips as well as the ever-popular Spam Fritters...urk!

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