Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Post...Not...Ready!

OK, we're getting into the homestretch of the big Sedro Woolley to Corvallis move now. Over the next few weeks, as me and my family are essentially homeless, new posts on the famous Two R's may become a bit sporadic...even ragged. Try to hang with me as best you can, while I type away with one hand, abusing Burgerville's free Wi-Fi and noshing on their amazing waffle fries with my other hand.

Only a couple of weeks until we say "Adios" to the Skagit Valley...I wonder if we'll have to sign something in Corvallis when we buy a house there like we did here in Woolley. A form that basically says "You're living in cow-country now, so you've got no right to complain about the stench or the flies."

Let's hope not.

Need a photo of a cow? Who doesn't, right? Well, head over here. Thanks to Jordan McClements of Ireland.

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