Friday, September 25, 2009

I'm back! maybe 73% back!

OK, I'm back from the sickness, but I'm not 100%. Not even close.

I headed to Dixon for a quick run after work today because even though my cold is lingering, and I felt pretty meh, I hadn't run since Saturday and I've got to get two or three or four runs in this week just to get some rhythm back before I head to the Sacramento Cowtown Half-Marathon next Sunday.

So I went to Dixon. It's getting crowded even though classes don't start until Monday (the dreaded "free" week at Dixon...ugh).

Did I feel good? No.

Did I run good? No.

Will I be tearing up the course in Sacramento?

Dude! Quit hounding me with all these questions. I'm still sniffling over here!

I hate colds...

Oh! The photos. Yeah, those are all from Google Images when you type in "Scott Running"...strangely enough, none are of me, you know...running.

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