Sunday, September 27, 2009

Race T-Shirt Review!

So the Good Samaritan Challenge 12k T-Shirt from last weeks race...I like it. It's a nice heavy material, it's a decent shade of blue, it's got a fair art design. What's not to like?

And for those "too good for cotton" runners out there that complain about all non-tech shirts - what is your problem? Don't you people ever do anything but run? Don't you mow the lawn? Play basketball? Go to the mall with the kids? There's nothing wrong with a cotton t-shirt every once in a while.

I give it a solid "B".

Let's race.


October 10th / Domestic Violence Awareness 10k and 5k / Salem, OR

October 10th / ORRC Blue Lake 15k and 5k / Troutdale, OR

October 10th / Hoquiam Invite Open 5k / Hoquiam, WA

October 10th / Frontier Round-Up 5k / Graham, WA

October 10th / Bill Hamilton Memorial Street Strut 5k / Edmonds, WA

October 11th / Gresham Jazz Runs Half-Marathon, 10k and 5k / Gresham, OR

October 11th / Hack n Dash 5k (sort of) / Junction City, OR (Speed Golf! Run a 5k and golf at the same time!)

October 11th / Offroad Sprint Duathlon / Bellingham, WA

October 11th / Run Vera Run 5k! / Seattle, WA

October 11th / Sun City Half-Marathon and 5k / Yakima, WA

October 11th / Royal Victoria Marathon, Half-Marathon and 8k / Victoria, B.C.

October 11th / Spokane Marathon, Half-Marathon and 5 Mile / Spokane, WA

October 11th / Haunted Hustle 10k and 5k / Puyallup, WA

October 11th / Bog Jog 10k and 5k / Grayland, WA

October 11th / Great Columbia Crossing 10k / Astoria, OR

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