Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Maybe you can judge a book by the cover...

Verily, it has come to pass...two weeks until Nanowrimo.


I don't know what I've been doing these past two weeks, but I haven't been spending a whole lot of time thinking about my novel. I need to get serious. Oh, and I've got a Christmas story to write and a RaceCenter article due the first week of November.

I could be in trouble. It's not even November, and I could be in trouble.

But hey, at least, if I somehow finish my novel, I might not have to worry about whether to use 24 or 36 point font for the cover page and fret over what color yarn to use to tie the manuscript pages together.

Forget all that! Get a bitchin' professional cover for your novel right here!

Very nice.

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