Thursday, October 15, 2009

Human Race Redux...

Nike had grand plans for the Human Race in 2008: 25 cities, 25 big bands, and 1 million runners! Well, they tried. And I'm sure not going to knock them for trying.

But in 2009, Nike is toning the Human Race 10k back a bit. There are official races only in three locations in the US. Closest destination for NW runners...L.A. Hmmm...probably not going to make it.

So Nike is also promoting that you run a 10k on October 24th, anywhere in the world, and record it with your Nike+. And there you go - you've participated in your first highly organized one-person race!

Whatever works for you. If you're looking for something a little more traditional, keep on scrolling!


October 24th / Columbia River Power Marathon and Half-Marathon / Umatilla, OR

October 24th / Prison Break! Half-Marathon, 10k and 5k / Boise, ID

October 24th / Strands 5k / Corvallis, OR

October 24th / Monster Mash 5k / Eugene, OR

October 24th / Pumpkin Push 5k / Seattle, WA

October 24th / Nike's The Human Race 10k / Somewhere Outside of Your Front Door, Anywhere

October 25th / Columbia Gorge Marathon and Half-Marathon / Hood River, OR

October 25th / Run Like Hell Portland Half-Marathon, 10k and 5k / Portland, OR

October 25th / McDonald Forest Cross Country 15k and 5k / Corvallis, OR

October 25th / Spooky Trail Run 12k / Port Gamble, WA

October 25th / James Cunningham Seawall 9.5k / Vancouver, B.C.

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  1. I just heard from a fellow runner that the Corvallis 15K has a coveted mug that you can get after your 5th time in this event (no need to be consecutive!) I may have to run/walk it this year just to pave the way for a future prize!