Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Can Outrun Usain Bolt!

Well, in theory.

Interesting article over at apparently, humans have an upper-end speed limit of about 40mph. Yeah, that's fast. Considering that Bolt hits about 28mph when he breaks world records.

Of course, running 40mph in theory, and doing it in practice, are two very different things. Still, the fact that the 100m record was 10.6 100 years ago and is now 9.58, or the fact that the marathon record was 2:55:18 100 years ago and is now 2:03:59, has to give runners hope that we'll just keep getting faster and faster.

Thanks to the University of Wyoming for the cheetah. And no, even at 40mph, you couldn't outrun the cheetah. You'd still be cat food.

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