Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Year in Review, Part II

All righty, let's take a little peek at the 2009 totals:

5k: One (it was the girls on the run...where they didn't turn us around on time - actually about a 7k)
12k: One (Brutally hilly, but I was happy with my run)
8.2 Miler: One (ahhhh, on the beach in San Diego...races don't get much sweeter than that!)
13.1 Miler: One (back in the saddle! Let me tell you, if you're going to do your first half in years, make it a flat one like the Cowtown!)

Sprint Triathlons: Two (Well, the first race out of the box, way early in April, was better than the second race in May. Hey, sometimes it happens like that)

Olympic Triathlon: One (Hadn't done one of these for a while. It was hard, but fun)

And for the writing? Five articles, all for RaceCenter Magazine. And yet another failed attempt at Nanowrimo...sigh...I'm not even going to link to that.

And for 2010? It looks to be fewer Triathlons (any? maybe not) and more runs as I build up to my first marathon since 1996! Eugene, here I come!

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