Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dude, wake up! It's the Freezer!

OK, pay attention now. The Beaver Freezer Triathlon is coming up on April 3rd. I know, I know, that's a ways out there, right? You've got lots of time to train, right? Lots of time to be sure you're ready before you have to sign up, right? The holidays just ended, so why is The Two R's rushing me to think about a triathlon in the middle of the stinking winter, right?

Could you please try to pay attention for just a moment here?

See, if you want to take part in the 2010 Beaver Freezer Triathlon, you've got to be ready on February 8 am. Yeah, no kidding.

In 2009, registration opened at 8 am on February 1st and the race was sold out two hours later. Two hours! So take it from the R's, if you want to race in April, you better be waking up early on February 1st.

Hey, maybe you could win a pretty green ribbon too!

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