Thursday, February 25, 2010

Barefoot Running In The Snow?

Put some shoes on already!

See,, THIS, is why I fear the whole barefoot running thing getting out of hand. It's not so much that these idiots are running barefoot in the snow and ice, although that's bad enough on it's own, but the real problem is the article.

The fawning, "oh aren't these barefoot runners brave and bold!" for running in freezing temps with no shoes, slant of these kinds of articles is just trouble. Does anyone really think to themselves, "hey, I'll tell you what we don't have enough of in the running world, we don't have enough people running in the ice and snow in bare feet!"

Sigh...and the comments, both from the same guy I note, about how barefoot running will give you "ankles of steel."


Has this barefoot thing run its 15 minutes yet?

Apparently, that's Mike Sadler in the photo. Don't know him - it came from Rob's Barefoot Blog over here.

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