Saturday, February 20, 2010

Go America! And...uh...Canada, eh!

Considering I've been watching the Olympics pretty much every night since they started, there's an interesting article over here at Running Times by Jonathan Beverly.

Beverly makes the point (well, tries anyway) that the Olympics, and more specifically, the nationalistic attitudes that come about during the Olympics, are bad for sports, including running.

I'm not sure I agree. Sure, there are people that watch the Olympics solely to cheer on their own country. I'm not sure that's even wrong. But there are plenty of others that watch to see the best athletes in the world strut their stuff, no matter where they're from.

I sure don't remember too many people complaining about how boring it was to watch Usain Bolt break world records because he wasn't American!

Give it a read and let me know what you think.

Let's race!


March 6th / Spring Forward 5k Run Against Autism / Tacoma, WA

March 6th / Honeywagon Runs 13.1 and 4 mile / Everson, WA

March 7th / King County Bar Association YLD 5k / Seattle, WA

March 7th / Red Lizard 5 Miler / Lake Oswego, OR

March 7th / Harry's Spring Run-Off 8k Against Prostate Cancer / Vancouver, BC

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