Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The R's Jumps Into the Barefoot Running Fray!

That's right, in the latest issue of RaceCenter magazine, the R's alter ego takes a hard look at the new fad of barefoot running. You heard me, I called it a fad. Hey, I tried to be very nonjudgmental in the article, titled "Running Barefoot Like Abebe," but I truly believe barefoot running is trouble for about 95% of the runners out there. People that never should try running without shoes: the overweight, the undertrained, the beginners, the impatient - they'll all see these articles and studies that are coming out, and they'll try it.

And it won't end well.

It's an injury waiting to happen for the average runner. Now if you're an elite runner. If you have perfect form. It you weigh a buck-ten. Yes, you may try barefoot running. Although, most of the elite runners will stick with their lightweight trainers that they've always worn anyway.

I just don't see more than a handful of runners being happy going barefoot over the long haul.

Now, go grab the new issue of RaceCenter and watch me take 1500 words to say the same thing!

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