Sunday, February 21, 2010

Longest Run in the Last...gulp...Decade?

After I did my last marathon...well, that would be after I did my one and only 1997, I swore I'd never do another. I did pretty well too, not even thinking about running another 26.2 for well over a decade. But even the R's, one of the most stubborn blogs ever to put on running shoes, is not immune to the siren song of the marathon.

So about six months ago, I started to ponder the marathon again. After having a fairly easy run at the Sacramento Cowtown Half-Marathon in October, I pulled the trigger and signed up for the Eugene Marathon in May.

All of which is a long lead-in to this: yesterday I went 13.46 on my long weekly run, which I've got to guess is my longest run since my marathon in 1997!

I won't say I'm not feeling it today, but it's always nice to break new ground, even if I broke it once before - basically a lifetime of 13 years ago.

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