Thursday, March 18, 2010

Is Running Good for Your Health?

A new report has hit the news stating that running marathons, and other longer distances I would presume, can actually cause hardening of the arteries.


I just wrote an article on this very topic - heart health - for the new RaceCenter Magazine that will be out in a couple weeks. And so I've been very recently assured that, yes, running is good for me.

Overall. All things considered. Relatively speaking.

But what do you do with news like this? Do you change what you're doing? What if you're training for a the R's is doing at this very moment? Do you quit?

What if running truly, utterly, makes you happy? What kind of risks do you take to be happy?

Sometimes there are no easy answers. You've got to make some decisions. Maybe you really consider and ponder the alternatives and the risks and the benefits.

And maybe you don't.

Maybe you just run.

I won't judge you either way.

Thanks for for the picture. Check out their article on heart health right here.

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  1. Oh great. That's what I need - a reason NOT to train. You should never have let your wifey see this.

    Happy running!