Monday, March 1, 2010

Put That Grande Latte Down....Now!

Nice article in the Corvallis Gazette-Times today (and it's not often I can praise the G-T, so listen up). A little article about a benefit race for Johanna Olson (notice that the G-T misspells her name in the photo caption...did I mention about the G-T?).

Anyway, Johanna is fighting her second battle against brain cancer and needs some help paying the bills. Fighting cancer is never cheap and fighting it for the second time in a few years is very much not cheap.

As you can read in the article, Johanna is not only a former OSU cross country assistant coach, but she's also a two-time Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier. I interviewed her for an article for RaceCenter magazine a while back (the same article I interviewed Meghan Arbogast for, and hey, there they are, running together!) and she's not only a great runner, but also a nice, giving, friendly, person. Exactly the kind of person you could give some money to!

So skip your Starbucks and Qdoba for today and put that $20 to good use. Head over to Johanna's site here, and donate for a very good cause.

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  1. I've sent my next couple of Latte's over to Johanna - I figure every little bit helps. Thanks for that reminder!