Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shamrock Run Race Report!

Well, that was a hilly mother!

So why didn't anybody tell me the Shamrock Run 15k is just the Portland Triathlon Bike course run backward? Remember...the Portland Tri? Here, let me quote the important line from that post, "Finally, made it to the top and had a super fast, and a bit scary, long curvy downhill." Now remember that the Shamrock Run ran the course backward...yesh.

So anyway, back to the Shamrock Run. The best part of the whole race...I found a free parking spot about four blocks away from the start line. Score!

After watching about 14 waves go for the 5k, and standing freezing in the 35 degree weather, although nice and sunny, and wishing I had stayed in the car for about 20 more minutes, they finally called the 15k runners to the start line.

A few minutes later, we were off. From the start at Tom McCall Waterfront Park, we meandered through the city streets for about a mile before we hit the hill and I belatedly realized where we were running. Crap. I recognized the course from the Portland Tri and knew I had a long uphill staring me in the face.

I'm just not in good enough shape for a long, steady uphill like that. Rolling hills? Maybe. But this was no rolling - this was up and up and up and up.

Then we finally hit the halfway point and it was down, down, down. Ah, I love running downhill. A chance to go past all the people that blew past me on the uphill. And I got past a few. Felt good all the way to the finish...of course, there were no more uphills after the halfway mark.

Fought the same potholes on Naito Parkway that I fought when I rode my bike over them in the Portland Tri...I'm sure the City will fill those in any day now.

Finished up with a 1:25 time - about 10 seconds per mile slower than I was looking for, but with that uphill, I'm not feeling too bad about it.

Cool shirt and useful finisher medal. I'll get some photos and show them both off soon.

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  1. Great job - and after only about 3 hours of sleep! I'm surprised you were able to get out of the car and prop yourself up at the start line at all. 10 seconds off your per mile time? That's pretty *$@#! awesome! Sorry I couldn't be there for the photo ops!