Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shamrock Run T-Shirt Review!

Man, I like this one! And don't even get me started with the Beer-Bottle-Opener-Medallion!

First, it's white. White! What's wrong with white? We really need to get more race directors to understand the attraction of the white shirt. It goes with everything. It looks clean. Even when it's not clean, it looks clean. Black shorts, red shoes, yellow shorts, black dress socks...the white shirt goes with all of them.

And what a great, simple, good looking design. Right to the point font with no amateur hour graphic design. Orange and green...just like the old country! Ah the peat! And the sponsors on the back - perfect! Get a couple big money sponsors and stop there. You don't need 46 different company logos on the back of the shirt. Get those people to give more than $20 each already.

The Medallion? Wow. Every race should make their finisher medal into a beer bottle opener. It's the ultimate melding of form and function.

The shirt: A
The medal: A+

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