Monday, July 26, 2010

How Many Races in Corvallis in 2011?

Well, there were about 20 in far as I can tell.

As you know, if you read this or this, I've got a crazy idea to run every single race and triathlon in Corvallis in 2011. Looks like it will be about 20-25 races. Not bad.

Some stats:

-12 races are 5k's or have a 5k plus another distance.
-Two triathlons - both sprints.
-Absolutely no races, in 2010 anyway, between June 6th and August 22nd. Seems odd, but half the town (the OSU students) are gone in the summer, so maybe it makes sense.
-One Ultra, although it has a 15k option if I want to be a wimp.
-In September and October, there are races in 6 straight weekends.

I like it. I'm feeling it.

Let's do it!

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