Saturday, April 9, 2011

Make a Change Trail 10k T-Shirt Review

Well, if you've read my race report on the Make a Change Trail 10k that wasn't, then you know just how un-trail-like it really was. So it's unfortunate that the race t-shirt for the Make a Change trumpets the "Trail" part right there on the front! Ah well...

So let's review:

-the color: gray is always welcome as far as I'm concerned. It goes with everything. It shows up the sweat nicely when you're working out. It's looks like a run shirt should look!

-the design: well, the orange and black is nice. The runners are sort of generic, but fine. The "change?" Well, that's not really the kind of change I was thinking of, but... And even as a play on words, it's sort of odd. I mean, it's money, and we're donating money to a cause? I guess?

-the material: dude, this thing is 50-50. That's just wrong! I mean, cotton is king, right?

-the neck: holy crap! This shirt has the smallest neck ever put on a shirt. I think they accidently sewed a small neck onto my XL shirt. I can't even breathe in this thing. As soon as I was done taking photos of it, I cut the neck open so I could actually wear it!

-the back: same as every other race shirt I've seen lately. Sort of boring, but whatever.

So just looking at the shirt, I'd probably grade it fairly high, but the material and the weird neck bring it down a bit.

Overall: C

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