Saturday, April 23, 2011

Race T-Shirt Review - Corvallis Half Marathon

Hey, it's the first tech shirt of the year!

The Corvallis Half Marathon brings out a high-quality Sporthill tech running shirt. Nice gray color - I like that. Gray goes with just about anything. The design? Meh. It's not too exciting, that's for sure. I like the Roman numerals - that's cool. The orange color of the design is good, but hopefully they'll jazz up the logo just a bit next year. As this was the inaugural running of the Corvallis Half, word was most things were done, necessarily, on the cheap. Since they sold out this year, with 1800 runners, perhaps they'll use a little money to get a nice shirt design next year.

The shirt itself is sized a bit small. Now, if you're cut like the R' was I going with that? Anyway, if you're in great shape, it's fine. If you're a barely-sub-two-hour half marathon runner like, well like me, then it's cut a little small. Too bad.

The back? Lots of ads again. A little better look than the last few shirts we've reviewed, but nothing spectacular.

The medal? Well, it's a medal. Again, it's pretty plain. No color. Square. Again, it's average.

Overall? Solid, but with lots of room to improve for next year.

Grade: B

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