Friday, June 17, 2011

Oregon State University Track and Field!

“They should have shot the athletic director who dropped it,” said Bell, 83, who was on hand for Tuesday’s ceremony. “I’m serious. There are idiots who sit in athletic directors’ chairs at times, and he was one of them.

“Any school that doesn’t have track and field is admitting it is a second-rate institution. It’s the center ring of the Olympic Games — always has been, always will be. To give that up, with the number of the kids who have gone to the Olympics from Oregon State, was ridiculous.”

Wow! That was former OSU Track Coach Sam Bell, who coached more than 90 All-Americans during his Hall of Fame coaching career.

He doesn't exactly mince words.

Check out the entire Portland Tribune article here.

But hey, Corvallis is getting a sweet new track. Woot!

OSU Track and Field! Sounds good.

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