Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dawgs Vs. Ducks

In a running race?

Yep, it's true. Before the football game in Seattle on November 5th, you can challenge those dreaded Ducks. So get on your purple and gold and run like a Husky!

I also like how you can register as a Duck or a Husky in this race and your fee benefits either the UofO Alumni Association or Seattle area non-profits, respectively. That's a great idea.

Let's race!


November 5th / Zeitgeist Half Marathon / Boise, ID

November 5th / Lord's Acre 10k and 5k / Powell Butte, OR

November 5th / Silver Falls Trail Half Marathon / Silverton, OR

November 5th / Healthy Hearts 5k / Ridgefield, WA

November 5th / Dawgs Ducks Tailgate Run 10k and 5k / Seattle, WA

November 5th / Fircrest Watch Your Speed 5k / Fircrest, WA

November 5th / Mud and Chocolate Trail 4.5m / Redmond, WA

November 5th / Puddle Jump 10k and 5k / Olympia, WA

November 5th / Ron Herzog 50k / Granite Falls, WA

November 5th / No Hills 10k and 5k / Rickreall, OR

November 5th / Strides for Diabetes Awareness Trail 10k and 5k / Springfield, OR

November 5th / Lithia Loop Trail Marathon / Ashland, OR

November 6th / Anything is Possible 5k / Seattle, WA

November 6th / SamFit Heroes Run 5k / Lebanon, OR

November 6th / Turn Back the Clock 10k and 5k / Lacey, WA

November 6th / Padden Mudfest Trail 6m / Bellingham, WA

November 6th / Mud and Chocolate Trail Half Marathon / Redmond, WA

November 6th / Get Your Rear In Gear 5k / Bothell, WA

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