Thursday, March 14, 2013

Are "Barefoot" and Minimalist Running Shoes Done?

Humans, right? We love the latest thing. We can't wait to jump in on the new fads. Of course, that means we're ready to jump off just as fast. And so it goes with minimalist running shoes...

Great new article on the state of the running shoe, and minimalist shoes in particular, in Running Times. Check it out right here.

And really, the great takeaway from the article is this: the first paragraph up there isn't really true! We don't jump in on the new fads. We aren't ready to give up are usual, familiar, boring, old running shoes. Sure, there is a small group that loves to jump on fads, but emphasize the "small." And don't forget that the running magazines need new articles every single month...and their websites need new stuff every single day. Of course they're going to emphasize the newest fad! They have to print something.

Here, let Running Times lay some truth upside your head:

"But here's a reality check: Minimalist shoes account for about 11 percent of the U.S. running-shoe market. Remove the Nike Free from consideration, and sales of the remaining minimalist models constitute about 4 percent of the U.S. market." Quote from article by Scott Douglas.

And I can tell you from experience here on the campus of OSU, there are a LOT of Nike Frees around that never, ever get run on.

Now, if we can just get Nike to stop screwing up my favorite models of trainers. I'm looking at you, Nike Pegasus!

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