Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New RaceCenter NW Magazine Article - Triathlon: More for Less

Yes, "More for Less." No, I was never destined to be a copywriter. But hey, we all have our talents, as small as they may be.

So there is a new issue of RaceCenter out now! Please run quickly to your nearest running/shoe store and/or Jamba Juice and grab a copy. Oh, and get a Strawberry Surf Rider while you're there - Nom Nom!

If you're one of those new-fangled kids with your fancy iPhone-type device, then head to the digital version of RaceCenter right here.

This month we're concentrating on how to race triathlon without being a rich, middle-aged white person. Good luck!

Seriously though - if you read my blog, you know my general view on triathlons. Fantastic sport that is pricing itself out of range for most normal people...and getting worse as the sport becomes more popular! Grrrr...

Anyhoo, my article, Triathlon: More for Less, offers up a few choice ideas on how to bring down the costs. First, be a superstar and get sponsored. For the rest of my great ideas, go read the article.

I want to give a quick thanks to Scott Benjamin, Blair Bronson and Chris Bagg for answering my triathlon questions with humor, grace and knowledge. Thanks guys, I hope you all have a great upcoming tri season.

Oh, and if someone wants to buy me that $10,000 Felt as a small reward for all the outstanding writing that I do for you, at no cost to you in particular, please let me know where I can pick it up.

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