Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dipsea 2012 Results and Recap...with Video!

The ultimate bucket list race, the Dipsea Race, is done for another year.

This year's winner: 72 year-old Hans Schmid. Yes, 72 years old. If you didn't know already, Dipsea uses a handicap start where the very old and very young get varied head starts.

Here's the recap of the 2012 Dipsea.

Here's a great video of the entire start - every single wave. It's a good primer video if you want to run the Dipsea in the future. You can see everyone you'll have to pass...unless you're six...or past retirement age.

Here's a fun time-lapse vidwo of the infamous stairs. Man, those stairs - 688 of them, I do believe.

It's tough to get in - you have to send it on the right day, get lucky in the lottery, etc, but this is one every serious runner should enter.

Let's race!

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