Monday, June 18, 2012

Lukas Verzbicas Wins World Cup Triathlon and other Running and Tri Links

Lots 'o news:

First up, Lukas Verzbicas, he of the sub-4 high school mile, wins his World Cup Tri Debut - and against a couple of top-five guys

With Lance under investigation, again, Slate asks why is there so much doping in pro cycling?
- there's doping in every sport; the media only cares about certain ones though

Can hard running workouts make you anemic? - literally, I learn something new every this right here

Looks like Lance is indeed banned, for the moment anyway - guilty until proven innocent?

This 2:16 marathoner says he could break 2 hours - I could say it too...and be just as wrong as he is

Oregon Tri superstar Chris Bagg checks out the Rev3 Portland bike course - looks long

How to train like a Kenyan this summer - written for high school runners, but should work for anyone

Apparently, barefoot hiking is a thing now - please just stop

Here are the new US Olympic Track uniforms - I'm not crazy about the red

More on "excessive" exercise being bad for your health - so take it easy and have a Quarter Pounder with Cheese...and a side of fries...with a milkshake

Verzbicas in a Ducks uni from

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