Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Running and Triathlon Links Tuesday!

Don't know what happened to Monday, but here's a bunch of good stuff for you:

Biggest mistakes when racing triathlons in hot weather - as you'll see in later links, this is a theme these days

Shorter trail races - if you want to get on the trail, but don't want an ultra

What to do about a messy race course - some races, like Hood to Coast, get complaints about this around here too

England's Olympic Tri Team makes curious team selection decisions...and goes to court - this is getting more common, and these are weird decisions

Superstar Ellie Greenwood's race review from Comrades in South Africa - this is a great read

The Sports Scientists give you their take on Comrades - they were there too

Will global climate change make spring marathons extinct? - there have been a lot of canceled races in the past few years

Andy Potts and Leanda Cave win Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon - this is a bucket list race, for sure

People coming and going from the Kenyan Olympic Marathon Team - who knows what they're doing? Not me

A tie finish at Boise 70.3 Triathlon! - they shortened the bike leg because of freezing temps

Emma Snowsill Olympic protest denied - she will not represent Australia in London

How to eat and fuel up for long runs - an old article, but well worth reading

Yeah, those are the London Olympic mascots...don't ask me...I don't even know.

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