Monday, June 4, 2012

Running and Triathlon Links Monday!

No time to waste - let's get to it!

Newport Marathon Wrap-up - the only written report, besides my whining blog post, that I could find

Meb and Kim Smith roll at Rock 'n' Roll San Diego - Ryan Hall, on the other hand, doesn't look that good

Lance Armstrong wins another Ironman 70.3 - long course tris are all about the bike leg, and no one crushes the bike like Lance

Masters and Age-Grading - I have not yet gone there; I can still set lifetime PR's in many distances, but maybe never again in the 5k...

Yet another "barefoot and injured" article
- this time from ESPN

Australians set their Olympic Tri teams - Emma Snowsill gets snubbed

Pre-cooling can help you run faster in summer weather - just a cool drink before the race can help

Rev3 Quassy photo gallery - Oregonian Jesse Thomas took fourth

Music for your run - reviews on audio devices of all kinds, from Runner's World

Why do some girls run shorter cross-country races than boys? - a good question; ten states still run different length courses for boys and girls

Is running good for you? Really?
- And the important questions - what kind of running?

Farah and Rupp look strong at the Pre - could Rupp challenge for a medal in London?

Yeah, it was wet in Newport. Photo from David Morgan and News Lincoln County

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